Sugardust In The Devil Wind
Joe’s latest Moonwatcher Records release features super-drummers Tony “Thunder” Smith (Jeff Beck, Santana, Lou Reed) and Steve Holley ((Ian Hunter, Elton John, P. McCartney & Wings)

Accidental Sugar
“Most-added” instrumental record at Smooth Jazz Radio January of 2010, Joe’s first Moonwatcher Records release included the single ‘Built For It’, which was a Top- twenty radio hit the Summer of that year.

This RCA Victor release was a top-charting hit. With a top-five presence at Billboard, The Gavin Report and Radio n’ Records Magazine, the single “Delphin’s Daughter” was a mainstay on New Adult Contemporary radio, and Joe’s cover of “I Just Wanna Stop”, with Al B! Sure, was in heavy rotation on Urban/R&B stations.

Murf The Mole
This is the first of a children’s musical storybook series written and performed by Joe for Moonwatcher Records. 



Rochelle Harper sings out with a distinct Southern lilt - songs that tell stories forged from a burning heart.

Her passion for the song is imminent and her enthusiasm connects with audiences, one by one.
Like the artist, this collection of songs is lean and strong, emotional and true, grounded in love and soaring in hope.
Can you imagine love? That’s what this record wants to do. That’s what this record does.

​“Chock full of performances from acclaimed musicians like Randall Bramblett (Steve Winwood/Widespread Panic),

Blair Shotts (The Roots/Rhianna), Jeff Franzel (Shawn Colvin/Dianne Reeves) and produced by

acclaimed RCA Victor guitarist/producer Joe Taylor, this album promises to deliver to the wider world that
charismatic, dynamic experience that is Rochelle Harper.”


Soulful singer-songwriter Jordan Trotter is one of those rare artists that come along only a few times in a generation.
Says former BMG/RCA VP Steven Gates: “Like Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt or Patsy Cline,
Jordan possesses that elusive but immediately identifiable “thing” that all these singers have.

We don’t know what it is, but we’re glad she’s got it.”

Jordan’s debut CD, produced by Joe Taylor for Moonwatcher Music, is a collection of
beautifully twisted classics, like Hendrix’s “The Wind Cries Mary”, and

Muscle Shoals style originals like “I Want You” and “Bonnie and James”.

“Smooth and sexy” - Alabama Press-Register


Tangerine Lane

A journey inside the mind of Miami native Bryan Laye. From the trippy, intense ride of Unstable,
to the rootsy Americana of Tampa, Bryan displays his soulful, rocking artistry both as writer and

Produced by acclaimed guitarist Joe Taylor, and recorded and mixed by Multi-Grammy winners
Steve Rosenthal (Natalie Merchant, Rolling Stones) and Brian Thorn (Coldplay, Train),
Tangerine Lane features drummer Steve Holley (Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker)

and bassist Paul Page (Ian Hunter, John Cale).



Master multi-instrumentalist, John Ragusa brings his special brand of virtuosity to a full-range of traditional western flutes including: C flute, Alto flute, Bass flute and Piccolo - as well as wood flutes, pennywhistles, harmonica, jaw harp, pocket trumpet, didgeridoo, and conch shell.

Produced by fellow Moonwatcher Music recording artist, Joe Taylor, Deseo creates a diverse
palate of musical textures; distinctive arrangements, and breathtaking soundscapes with an all-
star cast, including vocalist Beth Nielsen Chapman, pianists Rob Silvan and Jeff Franzel;

Steve Holley on drums, Paul Ossola on bass, and Joe Taylor on guitars.

Deseo is an impressive platform for this virtuoso artist, and the entire album is a delightful listen.

  • Built For It4:44
  • Riders On The Storm5:49
  • Magia d' la Luna4:25
  • Constantly3:05
  • Beyond the Blue5:11
  • Pulpwood Driver3:28
  • Car On A Hill4:09
  • The Wind Cries Mary4:11
  • Angels By My Side4:03
  • Unstable3:38
  • I Just Wanna Stop4:30



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