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Around 2001 Joe sensed, like many of his peers, a shift in the music business.

“It no longer seemed necessary for me to be in the center of Manhattan, 24/7, so I started thinking about making a change to a more serene environment. Somewhere I could continue my career as producer, composer and solo artist, while opting for a bit more sanity in the day to day.”

This led to a return to his roots...an island in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, where he built a state-of-the-art studio, Salt Creek Recording.

Complete with a vintage 48 channel Neve console, the latest in Pro Tools and Logic, as well as a tweaked-out Synclavier system, Taylor continues to produce artists from all over the country, as well as record his solo albums and compose for film and television.

“The touring as a solo artist and the film and television aspects of the business require some travel, of course, but I can still do the majority of my work at Salt Creek.”
“I have been fortunate enough to create an environment that all my friends from NYC, LA and Nashville enjoy visiting, so we continue to make great, world-class music here, while also being able to walk over to the shrimp dock and hop on the boat, go fishing, kayaking or horseback riding....whatever strikes your fancy.”  

  • Built For It4:44
  • Riders On The Storm5:49
  • Magia d' la Luna4:25
  • Constantly3:05
  • Beyond the Blue5:11
  • Pulpwood Driver3:28
  • Car On A Hill4:09
  • The Wind Cries Mary4:11
  • Angels By My Side4:03
  • Unstable3:38
  • I Just Wanna Stop4:30